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Welcome to the Sci-fi world of MAABA (Making America All Better Again)! “The Story of MAABA” is the companion book (90 pages with Art) to the soon to be released EP called “MAABA” by Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush. It includes detailed descriptions of the sound effects in the songs and the

Sci-fi back story of their origins.  It is the story of President Golden Hair of the “Collected States of America.” The Parallel Universe containing “Third Earth.” is the setting… Strange songs from a Parallel Universe leak through a malfunctioning satellite, E.T.s are involved in the presidency…It’s all happening in a strange world (but not so different than our own) revolving around “Holographic Cable News!”

MAABA Artwork

Full versions of Artwork on this site and more available in E-book!


This is a Novella written by lead singer and songwriter for the Meditation Rock band Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush.  christopherhill.net  The Novella describes the Sci-Fi world and exciting, wild, trying lives of the characters that created the songs on the new Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush EP “MAABA.” Art work on this site (excluding top video if available or your system and Alien Crash Landing by C. Hill) is by Lisa Peterson…full versions of this Art and additional Artwork by Christopher Hill and Lisa Peterson included with the MAABA E-book!!!


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